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5 minute make-up wonder


1. bronzer/blush

2. lipstick (your favorite)

3. Vaseline/highlighter

4. Mascara

5. Eye lash curler

6. Moisturizer (important)


1. Eye brow pencil/powder

This literally is my on-the-go make-up routine. Here we go…

step 1:No fonda here loves. Use your own moisturizer (with SPF) please. You have to let your skin breathe sometimes.


step 2:fix brows. Now, I just line below my brows not on top since it’ll make them look fake and boxy. Just follow the natural line of your brows. You’ll notice the difference it makes.

 step 3: Since my eyes are puffy in the morning, I usually put a neutral eye shadow over my lids. Then you can put vaseline/high lighter cream in the corners and on the brow bone. This will make your eyes seem brighter and bigger without putting too much on.


step 4: curl lashes and put one or two coats of mascara


step 5: dust on bronzer on your cheek bones, swirling the brush up to your temples

step 6: slick on some red or pink lipstick then you’re good to go :)

Just a few quick steps. I didn’t even bother to cover my pimples (let your skin breathe) since putting on concealer would take time to blend. Just a very simple everyday look.

Here are the stuff I used.

MAC lipstick (pink)- cosmo

Revlon Lipstick (red)- rose wine

MAC bronzer- Mineralize Skin Finish Dark

MAC mascara

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Angled Brush (for cheek bones)

Eye shadow brush

Lancome Eye brow pencil

Ciao Bella

CD-R King Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

I got this for only 120 bux. It’s got different brushes for different purposes.


However, I’m not at all happy with the results. It doesn’t provide me with much control. The razor is too dull to give me that clean shave. Although it works well on other parts like on arms and legs.

So if you’re looking for a product that’ll help shape your brows, better go with the old fashioned shavers you can get from Watsons. Or better yet, visit the nearest waxing salon near you <3

Dramatic Dresses


Jil Sander

Derek Lam

In Memory of a Hollywood Legend

Strong dark brows, nude and lined big eyes, subtle pink cheeks and red lips. 

brown eye liner on the lower lash line

Orange lips

Cat eyes

Was inspired the subtle sheen of the eye make-up in the collection. Will try to redo it using my new elf palette

You want to know my approach to being yourself? Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. It’s fine to admire but not to compete. You’ll only wind up losing!


Bobbi Brown
As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!
Coco Chanel

pillow lust That feeling that college students experience where they feel so exhausted that the idea of their face hitting their pillow sounds so utterly fantastic, it’s almost sexual.

Beauty on A Budget: E.L.F. and Etude House stuff for eyes

I’m soooo in lurrrvvveee… I’ve got two budget friendly eye make-up finds. So happy with the stuff I bagged. Lemme tell you first how my day went in 3 phrases.

1. No Money

2. Need Make-up

3. Arrrrrgggghhh!!

So the third one isn’t actually what you call a phrase (I think).

I wanted to buy this make-up palette from Smash Box but that would set me back around Php 3,000 which I’m not too happy about. So I went to Watson’s to look for the next best thing.

'Lo and behold, there I found this E.L.F.’s Beauty Encyclopedia for Eyes. I looked for the price tag first and saw that it was only 250 bux. I thought it’s too good to be true but when I tried the shadow on my hand, the powder was so smooth and soft (unlike those cheap brands which tend to me rough on the skin).

It has 12 eye shadow squaes, 2 contour and highlight palettes, one eye pencil and brush. It also comes with an instruction guide. Not bad for something that costs 250 pesos!!! Perfect for on the go girlies who need to touch up in between meetings or in between cocktails :)

Next up is Etude House’s eye primer. Of course one needs a primer to make sure our gorgeous eye colors stay on *w/o breaking our budget. It has a brush tip similar to those of lip glosses.



Excited to wear these babies tomorrow to the office. Will let you know of its staying power :)

Ciao Bella!

This video was created for Inno Sotto’s 30th Anniversary. It stars Heart Evangelista.

A wonderful short film. Enjoy!